Ground pools in Clinton

Two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule; who knew they could cause so much trouble? Owners of in-ground or above-ground pools know. If your kids are getting out of the pool with red eyes or dry skin, too much chlorine could be the culprit. Davis Pools can help you find out for certain, and what's more, it won't cost you a thing. Stop by our shop in Clinton, CT for more details.
Woman relaxing in a pool

The water is fine

A pool is meant to be enjoyed. Don't let the chance to take a dip pass you by because you're not sure if your pool is clean and safe to use. With Davis Pools, you can dive in with confidence any time you want. Our total pool care services include but aren't limited to: 
  • Liner replacement
  • Filter and pump replacement
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Gas and electric heater repairs
  • Safety cover installation 
  • We also offer hot tub services
Call today in Clinton, CT to make an appointment! 

Start new or start over

Whether you already have a pool, or you're looking to get one installed, Davis Pools is the only name you need to know in Clinton, CT. We can help with new pool installation or help you renovate an existing one. Call or visit our pool supply store to make an appointment with one of our pool technicians. 

Salt of the earth, and the water

If you're spending too much time, money, or both on pool maintenance, Davis Pools has two words that could solve your problem: salt system. Make an appointment for an on-property consultation with a pool systems professional to discuss whether a salt system would be appropriate for your pool. 

We go around the pipe for you

Nothing lasts forever. Pool plumbing is no exception. If yours has been on the job for a few years, or even decades, it may be due for an overhaul. If your pool is leaking or your electric bills are higher than they used to be, call Davis Pools in Clinton, CT to schedule a pool re-plumbing consultation. 

We've got you covered

Who uses their pool in the dead of winter? What, no takers? Then why waste electricity and money heating your pool when it's sitting idle? A pool cover can not only keep children and pets safe, it can keep debris, algae and other unwanted contaminants from getting into your pool. Call Davis Pools to learn more. 

We're just getting warmed up

A cool dip in the pool during the peak heat of summer is one thing, but doing the "polar bear plunge" during the fall months is quite another. Here in Clinton, CT, a pool heater is an absolute must. Davis Pools installs and services gas and electric heaters. Which one would suit your needs best? Call and let's talk about it.

Replacement players

Did we mention that nothing lasts forever? With proper care, maintenance and shelter, a pool pump can last anywhere from 15-25 years. Pool filters should be changed every 1-2 years. Davis Pools carries these crucial supplies and everything else you need for trouble-free enjoyment of your in- or above-ground pool. 

An open and closed case

Spring is finally here, and your pool is calling out to you. Before you jump in, don't forget to pick up your pool opening kit from Davis Pools in Clinton, CT. Likewise when swim season draws to a close and you're ready to winterize your pool. Our pool supply store has solutions for all seasons! 

When your pool is a problem child

When beer has a little foam on it, that's OK. Your pool? Not so much. If stains, algae, or murky water are keeping you out of the pool, or your blonde daughter is sporting green locks after her last swim, call Davis Pools in Clinton, CT right away. Our free computerized water analysis will pinpoint the problem. 
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